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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Manifesting A Solution

It seems that I don't have any spells, potions or notions in my trusty old Book of Shadows to Banish an unwanted Header Logo in my blog header.

So I am Thinking that it is Corrected...I am Visualizing the header in it's orginal state of my creation of it...I am Feeling Pleased with the way it now looks....I am Projecting there is Someone out there that can help me.......

Thank You
I Love You
I'm Sorry
Forgive Me
(Nod to Dr. Joe Vitale)

p.s. I am detached

The Secret is Out of the Broom Closet!

Yes, it is true...Someone let The Secret out...Our Secret....out of the broom closet.

Yes, I am speaking of Witchcraft....Surprise-They are one in the same...

Witchcraft and the now most talked about topic, book and DVD on the planet, The Secret.

I do find it amusing how something thought (I stress the word thought here) to be so scary, demonic and ungodly is repackaged, retitled and put on Oprah is now being practiced and praised by anyone who has the ability to think happy thoughts. I personally think this is a good thing in the spiritual evolution of man....and woman.

OK so maybe not everyone has a cauldron or a Book of Shadows...yet...But hey this is a begining!

Most of you don't realize just how much witchcraft you use on a daily basis in your own mundane reality - remember, you're the one creating it. Most people don't even realize what witchcraft actually is. Well, aside from the HocusPocus aspect of is The Secret.

It is how we witches accomplish what we accomplish. It is utilizing the basic Universal Law of Attraction, the power of the mind, the manipulation of energy - our energy. It is all basic Quantum Physics...with a twist of course.
Sound familiar? Thats because you read all about it in The Secret. And I am sure you have done it a million times in your lifetime, without even realizing it. Well the book has given everyone a lesson on how to control those thoughts, visualizations, feelings and projections to create the outcome that you desire....I am here to inform you that you are all now practicing the craft.

Witchcraft is not so scary, demonic or ungodly anymore, now is it?

Oh and you can get your Cauldrons, Candles and Book of Shadows at The Enchanted Saint for those that are ready to really learn The Secret.

Enchanted Blessings to All!
Rev. Ronda Saint

"All that we are is the result of What we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become."- Buddha